Ecole d'ingénierie de Trois Rivières 
Université du Québec a Trois-Rivières


Ph.D, Mechanics-Energetics, Université Henri-Poincare, Nancy I (Nancy, France), 1998
DEA  Mechanics-Energetics, Université Henri-Poincare, Nancy I (Nancy, France), 1995

B.S,  Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de l'Ingénieur de Nancy (Nancy,France), 1995

Fields of interest

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM).
Geometric modeling, Finite element methods. 

Automatic and adaptive three-dimensional mesh generation
Automatic remeshing in the context of a model modification. 

Major achievements

Three-dimensional automatic mesh generator for finite element methods based on the ACIS solid model with automatic density map calculations controlled by the discretization error.
This automatic mesh generator is linked with two automatic remeshing procedures in the case of a model modification (Ph.D research). 

Software to the calculation of thermo-mechanical stresses in the rotor of an asynchronous machine. 

Dimensioning of an isostatic hip prosthesis using the finite element method 

Contact information

Telephone : (819) 376-5011, ext 3957

Fax : (819) 376-5152
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