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Canadian Aesthetics Journal / Revue canadienne d'esthétique

Volume 4
Summer/Été 1999
Table of Contents / Sommaire

Special Issue / Numéro spécial :
"The Work of Art in an Age of Diversity and Globalization"

Bio-Bibliographical Notes/Notes biobibliographiques
The Work of Art in an Age of Diversity and Globalization
Mette Hjort
National Identity, Canadian Cinema, and Multiculturalism
Scott MacKenzie
Intertextuality Revisited :
Dialogues and Negotiations in Media Studies
Gunhild Agger
Expatriation, Nationalism, and Culture :
Brooks, Williams, and America's 'Classic Debate'
Adam Muller
Authorship and Authorial Autonomy :
The Personal Factor in the Cinematic Work of Art
Trevor Ponech
The Postcolonial Turn in Literary Translation Studies :
Theoretical Frameworks Reviewed
Bo Pettersson
Between Conflict and Consensus :
Multiculturalism and the Liberal Arts
Mette Hjort

Aesthetic Experiments / Experiences Esthétiques

  Interview with Attilio Taverna / Intervista ad Attilio Taverna
(Bassano del Grappa, Italy / Italia, 7/9/98)
Suzanne Foisy

Submitted papers / Textes proposés

  Addiction and Authorship
Crispin Sartwell
Authors and Addicts
Béla Szabados
Confessing Addiction :
A Response to Crispin Sartwell's « Addiction and Authorship »
Alan Bewell

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