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Technical requirements for listening to an audio recording

In order to listen to the audio recording provided to you, your computer equipment must meet some technical requirements, both about the hardware and the software setting.

  1. As for the hardware, you must essentially ensure that your computer can play sound recordings, that is to say it :

    • must have a sound card (e.g. SoundBlaster card) properly installed and configured;

    • should be equipped with a good quality listening device, may it be speakers or headphones, in order to get an adequate rendering of the recording;

    • must have a connection to the Internet with a 14.4 Kbps modem minimum, and for stereo sound, a 28.8 Kbps modem or faster is required.

  2. Furthermore, you must install RealPlayerTM software, available for free (and that for most platforms and operating systems) from the company web site, RealNetworks, Inc. However, please follow these recommandations :

    • If you recently installed a web browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator), it is possible that RealPlayer software had been installed at the same time. To make sure of that, try to listen to the audio recording by clicking on the hypertext link on the previous page.

    • If RealPlayer isn't already installed on your computer or if you want to get the latest version of the software (5.0), you must go to the download page on the company web site. There, after completing a short form, you'll have the opportunity to download RealPlayer 5.0 software for free. Proceed right after with the installation step according to the instructions provided on RealNetworks web site. Click on the logo hereafter to reach the download page.


The listeners for this music excerpt should notice that a lower sound quality (as it may not equal a compact disc's one) doesn't imply a poor quality of the original recording, but must be attributed to the encoding process necessary to its broadcasting over the Internet. With this encoding method comes a compression of the data that results in a certain loss of the sound reproduction quality.

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