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Canadian Aesthetics Journal / Revue canadienne d'esthétique

Volume 14
Summer / Été 2008
Table of Contents / Sommaire
  Greenberg, Kant and Contemporary Aesthetics
Edited by William Buschert and Eric Dayton

The Greenberg I Knew
Terry Fenton

Greenberg on Hauser: The Art Critic as Book Critic
John O'Brian

Strengths and Weaknesses in Greenberg’s Aesthetics
Ken Carpenter

To See a Picture “as a Picture” First: Clement Greenberg and the Ambiguities of Modernism
Jeanette Bicknell

Kant’s “Formalism”? – Distinguishing between Aesthetic Judgment and an Overall Response to Art in the Critique of Judgment
Leanne K. Carroll

Art, Nature, and “Greenberg’s Kant”
Suma Rajiva

Greenberg, Kant, and Aesthetic Judgments of Modernist Art
Robert Clewis

On the Permanent Immaturity of Art: Aesthetic Modernism with Apologies to Kant
Eric Dayton

Articles Libres

Trente ans après La transfiguration du banal : Danto, héritier de Wittgenstein
Mélissa Thériault

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